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Prints are found under "Custom Products". After adding items to the shopping cart - they will show up when you checkout, but if you go back to that photo to add another size - the first size you added won't show.

If anyone missed getting a cap & gown picture and would like one taken - please contact me. I can do the same set up in my parents' office near Beech Grove.

If you prefer to pay by check instead of paypal or credit card - please email me to let me know what you want to order. I will reply with a total and an address.

By request, I am creating a DVD slideshow - that ordering option will appear when it's completed.

First Class postage is included. If you wish shipping via UPS or another method, please let me know so I may calculate the appropriate charges.

All photos have been uploaded.

If you have any questions - please feel free to shoot me an email.

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